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Amy Rebekah Chavez, MA health arts and science, LMT, CBD, CCE, STRP, RYT
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My entire adult life I have been a devoted student of traditional medicine ways, birth, and motherhood. At the age of 21, I initiated into adulthood through the portal of giving birth to my daughter. While my friends were studying art, politics, dance and science, I was enrolled in classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, prenatal yoga, vaccinations, nutritional and herbal support for pregnancy, birth and nursing babies. The holistic and nourishing midwifery and doula support I received supported me in gently birthing my daughter at home surrounded by loved ones.  I was so uplifted, changed, and inspired by my birth journey experience that I enrolled in the Seattle Midwifery School’s doula training with the renowned doula researcher and author Penny Simkin, as well as a low residency herbal medicine course with David Hoffman through the California School of Herbal Medicine. In 1999 the home birth of my second daughter in the high dessert of New Mexico renewed faith in my body, and deepened my love for womyn’s medicine ways.  Shortly after my second daughter was born, I found myself in the new role of single mother, sole provider and soul nurturer for the three of us.

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Offering healing and holistic birth services in the Dayton area since 2003.
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