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MA health arts and science, LMT, CBD, CCE, STRP, RYT

What is Restoryative Somatics

ReStoryative Somatics is an integrative mind-body approach to reducing stress related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, chronic tension/ pain, healing from trauma, increasing emotional resiliency, and improving relationships. ReStoryative means to restore the inherent rhythm of well being and balance in the nervous system, while re-negotiating the impact of the stories of our lives through the wisdom of the body.  Somatics refers to the unification of all aspects of ourselves as biological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and relational beings.  ReStoryative Somatics is an integration of  somatic psychology, yoga and mindfulness practices, herbal medicine, holistic bodywork,  and community based healing.

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About Amy

My entire adult life I have been a devoted student of traditional medicine ways, birth, and motherhood. At the age of 21, I initiated into adulthood through the portal of giving birth to my daughter. While my friends were studying art, politics, dance and science, I was enrolled in classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, prenatal yoga, vaccinations, nutritional and herbal support for pregnancy, birth and nursing babies. The holistic and nourishing midwifery and doula support I received supported me in gently birthing my daughter at home surrounded by loved ones.  I was so uplifted, changed, and inspired by my birth journey experience that I enrolled in the Seattle Midwifery School’s doula training with the renowned doula researcher and author Penny Simkin, as well as a low residency herbal medicine course with David Hoffman through the California School of Herbal Medicine. In 1999 the home birth of my second daughter in the high dessert of New Mexico renewed faith in my body, and deepened my love for womyn’s medicine ways.  Shortly after my second daughter was born, I found myself in the new role of single mother, sole provider and soul nurturer for the three of us.  In 2001, I was prompted to return my focus to education in the healing arts, gaining skills and a license through the Ohio State Medical Board in massage therapy in 2003. I expanded upon that license to include certifications in perinatal massage, newborn massage instruction, pediatric and adult craniosacral therapy, herbal education, lactation support, childbirth education, prenatal yoga instruction, and Somatic Trauma Resolution. In 2014 I completed a master’s degree in health arts and sciences through Goddard College, where I had the opportunity to synthesize the interdisciplinary fields of somatic psychology, holistic bodywork, herbal medicine, yoga/ mindfulness practice, and community based medicine, into work I call ReStoryative Somatics Mind Body Medicine, offering individual healing sessions, group practices, classes, and professional training. My private practice is nestled in the vibrant village of Yellow Springs Ohio, adjacent to the revolutionary organic farm at Antioch College. I also work in the Dayton area as a professional labor support doula, offering unique holistic prenatal, birth, and postpartum care with a focus on emotional resiliency, trauma healing and prevention, and a supportive transition into motherhood. I am currently deepening my work in somatic psychology by training in Somatic Experiencing through Dr. Peter Levine’s Somatic Experience Trauma Institute. I am also currently enrolled in the Herbal Medicine for Women course with Dr. Aviva Romm.

My years of private practice have afforded me genuine relationships with many wonderful birth and women’s health care professionals in the Dayton area.  I have worked as a home birth midwife’s apprentice, serving mainly Amish and plain church populations, as well as served as a prenatal yoga facilitator, birth educator, and doula for hundreds of families; supporting natural births, medicated births, cesarean births, births at home, birth centers, and hospitals. Because my focus is on the somatic experience of safety for the birthing woman and her partner, I offer a balanced,  holistic approach to birth support, with a wealth of knowledge to support women in making informed decisions that feel safe and supportive to her experience.

In addition to my private practice, I have had the honor to co-facilitate a women’s red tent gathering in yellow springs for over 8 years. This is a committed space for those who identify as women to gather, creating a safe container to share stories, ask for and receive support of all kinds, and genuinely work towards supporting, healing, and uplifting each other as women in community.  This experience has been incredible for me to connect with and learn from so many wonderful women from so many incredible back grounds.  This has also been a catalyst for me to learn more about women’s experiences with racism, classism, homophobia, and many of the wounds that we are collectively working to heal that are passed down through the generations until we choose to be the ones to change.  I am deeply committed to being part of the change in our collective story, to heal the wounds that keep us feeling separate and that keep unbalanced power systems in place.  The practice of participating in the red tent has contributed greatly to facilitating ReStoryative Somatics group practices, with a confidence in the power and medicine of community.  So much healing happens simply by being seen, heard, and held in safety and respect.

Offering healing and holistic birth services in the Dayton area since 2003.
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