Services and Pricing

ReStoryative Somatics Session Prices

Individual Sessions

$ 85.00 1 hr

Individual Sessions

$120. 1.5 hr

Customized Holistic Birth Support Packages

Prenatal Massage, Childbirth Education, Prenatal Yoga, Labor and Birth Support, Trauma Healing and Prevention, Herbal and Nutritional Education, Lactation Support, Newborn Massage Instruction, Pediatric and Maternal Craniosacral Therapy

Holistic Birth Support Package A


  • Initial meeting
  • 2 Prenatal Sessions
  • On call labor and birth support
  • 1 Postpartum Session

Holistic Birth Support Package B


  • initial meeting
  • 3 Prenatal Sessions
  • On call labor and birth support
  • 3 postpartum sessions

Holistic Birth Support Package C


  • initial meeting
  • 6 prenatal sessions
  • on call labor and birth support
  • 6 postpartum sessions

** Any Package may be modified by adding sessions, prenatally or postpartum.  

Payment plans available; Credit Cards, HSA, FSA accepted, some financial support available for those who qualify. Pay-it-forward donations to support those who need financial assistance are graciously welcomed and appreciated.

Offering healing and holistic birth services in the Dayton area since 2003.
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