ReStoryative Somatics Sessions

ReStoryative Somatics addresses symptoms of stress and trauma;  such as emotional anxiety and depression, bodily tension and pain, lack of or overprotected boundaries, emotional stuckness or avoidance, relationship conflicts and patterns of unconscious behaviors (why does this always happen?). ReStoryative Somatics supports our ability to safely navigate the motions of our emotions, particularly grief, shame, rage, disappointment, or fear.

A ReStoryative Somatics session may include any combination of Somatic Trauma Resolution/Somatic Experience Process work, holistic bodywork, yoga practice, herbal and  nutritional information,  birth education, or lactation/ newborn care support.

ReStoryative Somatics Bodywork integrates the principals of containment, connection, curiosity, compassion, and commitment into gentle and effective hands on massage, myofascial, and craniosacral bodywork.  This gentle, yet powerful work helps to initiate a remembrance of body, restoration of mind, resiliency of emotions, and reclamation of life.  Prenatal, postpartum, and newborn bodywork is especially important and supportive for integrating and adapting to the many changes that occur in body, mind, and spirit in the birth process.

ReStoryative Somatics Yoga  is a wonderful practice for those new to yoga or seasoned in a committed yoga practice.  Incorporating the principals of containment, connection, curiosity, compassion, and commitment, into mindful movement, dynamic breath work, and meditation practices to support the body’s innate ability to renegotiate trauma, regulate emotional resiliency, and  enable an embodied experience of empowerment and ease. Based on your body’s unique needs and desires, we will create a customized practice of rhythmic “yang” flows, and deeply restorative “yin” poses, encouraging partner postures, and integrative meditation practices.  This is adaptable to absolutely any body’s needs, physical fitness is not a prerequisite. This is a wonderful healing session on its own, or as a follow up to bodywork or emotional process/trauma healing to receive more tools for your home practice, or to support navigating stress in real time in daily life.

ReStoryative Somatics Herbal and Nutritional Support offers the opportunity to learn about and create custom blends of healing teas, soups, tinctures, syrups, and other effective nutritive support. Learning to use plants and foods as the foundation of healing and wellness is an incredible resource for any-body, especially in pregnancy or parenting.

ReStoryative Somatics Childbirth Education Sessions are a precious time for couple’s to connect with each other, learn skills for trauma-informed and holistic labor support, and prepare for the changes to come.


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