ReStoryative Somatics

ReStoryative Somatics is an integrative mind-body approach to reducing stress related symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and chronic tension/ pain. ReStoryative Somatics practices support the body-mind’s capacity to heal from trauma, informing a deeper sense of safety, increasing emotional resiliency, and improving relationships. ReStoryative means to restore the inherent rhythm of well being and balance in the nervous system, while re-negotiating the impact of the stories of our lives through the wisdom of the body.  Somatics refers to the unification of all aspects of ourselves as biological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and relational beings.  ReStoryative Somatics is an integration of  somatic psychology, yoga and mindfulness practices, herbal medicine, holistic bodywork,  and community based healing.

In the field of somatic psychology, sensations are the considered the primal language of life, the language of the intelligent nervous system.  The practice of tracking sensations through the container of the body  is one of tracking life force energy, intelligent information from the survival centers of the nervous system throughout the body organism and back again via the neural pathways. Tracking allows us to gently follow the motions of our emotions, learning to stay with the sensations, comfortable and uncomfortable, we learn to stay in the present, fully embodied and engaged in our life’s experience. By increasing our ability to locate and track sensations within the body container is to increase the capacity to experience more aliveness, more vitality, and more internal discernment.

As humans, we are deeply wired to feel connection with others and long for a felt sense of belonging to those around us, while also driven by a need for personal autonomy, creative authority over one’s own life, an internal experience of one’s individual power. As children we are deeply informed by our parent’s (or primary care giver’s) perceptions of safety, belonging, and adaptive survival strategies.  As we grow and learn to navigate life’s challenges, our adaptive survival responses become habitual, and even “normalized” or familiar. This may lead to patterns within relationships including a misuse of power, dissociation, or distrust of others, extreme care-taking of those around us, or devaluing our own needs or desires.  Sometimes this leads to the somatic experience of “holding it all together”, “burning out”, or “shouldering the weight of the world”; often experienced as chronic tension, exhaustion, emotional stuckness, avoidance, or pain. ReStoryative Somatics offers gentle ways to re-negotiate those patterns.

As embodied individuals in relationship to one another, to the natural world, and to the societies we live, we are deeply informed by generational and cultural narratives and identities, within social and political contexts, all of which contribute to our individual and collective experience of safety and belonging. ReStoryative Somatics offers safe ways to explore the vulnerability inherent in power differentials, privilege, relationship dynamics, and healing generational trauma.

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